Seeing different people utilising the same space in their own ways is an occasion for celebration. The openness and potential of being able to create multiple realities, multiple experiences and expressions of understanding, from the same location, the same root, is an amazing thing.

Engaging with different people has been a pleasure and privilege. Seeing and hearingn their unique narratives about their location on the path - one tiny part of their lives but potentially a miniture reflection of their whole being - has been a beautiful experience.

The often blurred intersection of contact between people, momentarily inhabiting the same space.The differences in speed, style, and motivation for being in that space has historically created tension around these exchanges and at times those intersections of contact can be inflammatory tinderboxes of past or present, real or imagined conflict of needs and the ensuing physical and metaphorical collision of these needs. 

Sadly there have been attacks on the path, violent muggings, and conflict between different interest groups most notably perhaps the speed cyclists and walkers, people engaged in their joy of the space to the exclusion of an understanding that other ways, other modes, have equal validity.

After spending time walking the same section of the path during Lockdown 1.0, between March and June 2020 I wanted to create a piece of documentary photography and narrative that held meaning and resonance for my life at a particular point. 

Cycling. Walking. 
Being in a natural environment. 
Solitude in social spaces.
The smell of damp earth, green shoots, and plant growth.
Visual or written narratives. 
The stories of person and place.
These things have always held meaning for me.

During the creation of this work I also encountered different and unexpected understandings of myself and my interaction with my surroundings. I learnt some aspects of what it means to 'create documentary work', a strangely juxtaposed set of concepts. I came face-to-face with multi-facets of personal vulnerability, my fears of visibility at odds with my joy at connection - an aspect compounded by our location in time (post-lockdown and in the aftermath of the isolation and destabilisation of self that almost everyone experienced to some extent) and place.

Uncovering unconscious anxiety surrounding proximity and connection that arose from being the person I am with my unique extended and recent past, my specifically-evolved understanding of life and self and place, created interesting interactions as I encountered so many different people on the path.

Dreams for how this narrow and still extensive space can evolve to increasingly support interactions between people and wildlife grew.

My desire to express the antithesis of conscious care of the path that can be seen occurring at times - the desire to ground the 'leave no trace' ethos as an expression of understanding and an appreciation of what surrounds us all. Grounding deeper respect for each other and being conscious of the range of speeds, styles and abilities of travel on the path.

Whats left here, figuratively/digitally in the sense of these images and ideas or actually in the physicality of impact (either trash or tangible art), creates the stories of the people who use the path. 
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